The Foundation

On 20 January 2003 the Taller de Músics Private Foundation was created in Barcelona as an educational and cultural non-profit organisation. The Foundation functions mainly in Catalonia, but also in the broader national and international ambits. The principal beneficiaries are generally those people and organisations related to the world of interpretation, teaching and production o contemporary popular music.

Since it was set up, the Taller de Músics Private Foundation has carried out its founding objectives to promote the teaching, interpretation and diffusion of contemporary popular music: jazz, flamenco, rock, etc. It offers platforms for orchestras and other solid, active musical formations to compose, arrange and interpret creative works of music. It organises its own festivals. It manages and organises activities to promote the continuous evolution of music through proximity and experiences with other specialist musicians and artists who bring knowledge and constant growth to the instrumentalist, composer or arranger such as the International Seminar (organized from 1980 to 2011), master classes or specialist courses. It supports and promotes musical education and professionalization in the youngest sector and, in short, undertakes a series of activities and management that make up the culture industry with enormous potential for development.

Parallel to the creation of the Taller de Músics Private Foundation, and given that among its objectives is musical training, it decided to broaden its activity in the educational field, with the intention of creating a training centre specialising in jazz, modem music and the flamenco side of traditional music, since it identified the need to incorporate the abovementioned purely educational area and specialist training.

Until 2008 this educational side fell to the Taller de Músics Music School, a private centre based, with criteria of professionalism and efficiency, on the two principal aims that the centre considers fundamental for training: first to give music students a solid and complete musical training; and second, to create a line that facilitates the entry of students trained at the centre into the employment market. The Taller de Músics, with the support that has led to the training of several generations of musicians along with the fact that today we can confirm that almost all music professionals in Catalonia (musicians, composers and teachers at other centres) were trained at the Taller, made the Taller de Músics Private Foundation what it is. In 2009 the Foundation took on this pioneering centre in Catalonia in terms of its speciality and its constitutional right to create creational of teaching centres and made a formal application to the Generalitat de Catalunya for the authorisation for  a School for Higher Education in Music, with the capacity to award its graduates a Higher Education qualification in Music.