MA Performance

The session musician and world music*

Master's degree aimed at musicians who want to develop their career in the recording studio.

The program is designed to train a group of 7 to 9 members, who for one year will work individually and as a band. Selected musicians will get tools and experiences to develop their career in a recording studio and deepen the roots of jazz, flamenco and Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian music.

*This MA is still in the process of gaining official recognition.


  • To increase the capacity to assimiliate, develop and innovate, in the context of working with the different styles.
  • To build experience and foment creativity in the context of the recording studio, providing quick and artistically appropriate solutions to the demands of producers.
  • Understand and use the technical means that we find in a current study.


  • Advanced instrument. Individual classes involving detailed study of each style.
  • Ensemble music. Real-time work with ensembles and arrangements in the different styles and fusions, with studio sessions.
  • Specialised history of the styles. Complementary theoretical training in order to understand the evolution of the history of the different styles and how they are interrelated.
  • Music technology. Specific training on the techniques and tools used in a studio, the organization of the session and the figures of sound technician and artistic producer.
  • End of Master's Project. recording of a final project with the collaboration of an artistic producer demonstrates their acquired knowledge and skills in production, arrangements and performance.


Advanced instrument

  • Styles with jazz roots. From New Orleans to funk
  • Afrocuban styles. Popular culture, folklore and religion
  • Afrobrazillian styles. Popular culture, folklore and religion
  • Flamenco in Mediterranean culture

Ensemble music

  • Jazz arrangements
  • Cuban music arrangement
  • Brazilian music arrangements
  • Flamenco arrangements
  • Jazz ensembles
  • Afro-Cuban ensembles
  • Afro-Brazilian ensembles
  • Flamenco ensembles
  • Fusion ensembles (final projects laboratory)

Specialized history of the styles

  • History of styles with jazz roots. From New Orleans to funk
  • History of the Afrocuban styles. Popular culture, folklore and religion
  • History of the Afrobrazillian styles. Popular culture, folklore and religion
  • History of flamenco in Mediterranean culture

Music technology

  • Music technology: recording techniques (microphones, editing and recording programmes)

End of Master's Project

  • Final Project

All subjects are compulsory.


The teaching team is composed of high-calibre musicians and producers who are renowned for their work in the different musical styles. The following teachers are working on the master's programmes (among others):

CoordinationRamón Ángel Rey
PianoJoan MonnéJoan DíazMarco MezquidaMark Aanderud, Félix Ramos
Drums/PercussionToni PagèsRamón Ángel ReyJefferson OttoLuis Alfonso GuerraDavid Domínguez
GuitarJordi FarrésVicenç Solsona, Jurandir Santana, Chicuelo
Bass/Double BassJordi Gaspar, Pep Pérez Cucurella, Martín Leiton
WindDavid PastorGabriel AmargantPerico Sambeat, Domingo Patricio
VoiceClara Luna, Yadira Ferrer, Alba Guerrero
History and technologySantiago GalánEnric VázquezMontse MadridejosKiko Caballero

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


· Higher Diploma in Music or other university qualification greater.
· People without this degree, can make an enrollment without academic validity.


From october to june. In the afternoon, Monday to Friday.
(We will publish the calendar 2018-2019 soon).


· Personal interview and instrumental/vocal audition
· For people without Diploma in Music: arrangements test
· In September (dates coming soon)


1 bass/double bass, 1 drums, 1 percussion, 1 piano, 1 guitar, 1 voice, 1-4 wind instruments


1 year


Catalan and Spanish




Credit price: 148 euros
(Split payment option)


Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales
Centre Cultural Can Fabra 
Segre, 24-32, 3a planta
08030 Barcelona
t. 93 176 30 63


The programme, dates, and teaching staff are subject to possible changes. 
For more information please contact the secretariat of the centre or call us on 93 176 30 63.