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Humberto Ríos & Pablo Rodríguez

This duo, composed of the Canarian violinist Pablo Rodríguez and the Cuban pianist Humberto Ríos, began their artistic career together in 2016 when they crossed paths in Rotterdam. There they began to explore new and singular sounds which seek to reflect the folklore of their respective origins and which, informed by their jazz and classical backgrounds, express a colourful repertoire full of contrasting sounds.

(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about Humberto Ríos & Pablo Rodríguez

Conversaciones (IMD-PROG MUSIC, 2019) is their new record, which contains eleven of their own compositions and through which they explore the fusion between jazz, Canarian folklore and the classic sounds of the Impressionist era. In these melodies one can hear unique ways of playing the violin, without ever losing sight of melodic simplicity. In the compositions subtle improvisations are interwoven with high-voltage moments.

Pablo Rodríguez | violin
Humberto Ríos | piano

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