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Jordi Riera

Pedagogical Director and Headteacher at Taller de Músics School of Music.
Orientation Course for Bachelor of Music Coordinator (COS).
Admissions to Bachelor of Music Team.

Born in Barcelona, he has a superior degree in music specialized in jazz by the ESMUC. He has studied with Lluís Vergés, Francesc Burrull, Errol Woisky, Sean Leavitt, Jordi Bonell, Zé Eduardo and Josep Albert Cubero, and has attended seminars with John Abercrombie, Ben Monder, Kenny Wheeler, Vince Mendoza, Mulgrew Miller, Chano Domínguez, Manolo Sanlúcar and Jorge Rossy, among others.

Subjects: Arranging (I), Harmony, Jazz Techniques


As a guitarist, he has played in different groups such as Tiempo al Tiempo, Francesc Burrull Quartet or the Big Band of Terrassa, and has shared the stage with musicians such as David Xirgu, David Mengual, Jordi Gardeñas, Manel Vega, Ramón Díaz, Gorka Benítez, Dani Pérez, Carme Canela, Jordi Farrés, Marc Miralta, Concha Buika or Benet Palet. He has performed on stages such as the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, San José de Costa Rica, Helsinky, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo, Naples, Copenhagen, Arhus or Stuttgart, as well as in concerts throughout Catalonia and Spain.

As a composer and arranger he has collaborated with the Teatre Lliure, the Taller de Músics, the Avinyó Espai Big band, the Big Band Laietana Jazz Project, the Big Band de Canarias or the Comediants. He has collaborated with playwrights Jordi Palet, Pep Tosar and Xicu Massó, participating in award-winning plays such as Ovni (Butaca Award, 2007), La casa en obres (Special Critics’ Award, 1998), El Mestre i Margarita (Award for the best theatre production Serra d’Or, 2003; and Butaca Award, 2003) and Esquena de Ganivet (Serra d’Or Critics’ Award, 2004). He has worked with artists and choreographers such as Andrés Corchero, Rosa Muñoz, Sol Picó, Montse Colomé, Julyen Hamilton, Feliu Formosa and Jordi Rocosa, among others, and has also worked as a producer, a field in which the CDs Mosaico Nonet and Deriva by David Mengual, the latter winning the best album of 2003 by the AMJM, stand out.

As a teacher, he has taught jazz guitar, harmony and other disciplines related to jazz and modern music at the Zeleste School in Barcelona, the Virtèlia Schools, the Avinyó Espai, the Municipal Schools of Music of Esparreguera and Olesa de Montserrat and the Aula de So de Sant Cugat, and has given seminars, workshops and regular courses throughout Catalonia. He currently teaches Musical Language, Harmony and Arrangements at the Taller de Músics School of Music in Barcelona.

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