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Riqui Sabatés

Born in Barcelona in 1955, his academic career includes solfege, piano, guitar, including flamenco guitar, and bass studies at the Taller de Músics. He obtained the Higher Degree, issued by the INCANOP (1994) and the Higher Degree of Jazz and Modern Music (single call), issued by the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (2009).

Subjects: Electric Guitar, Instrumental Ensemble


He participated in numerous seminars, given by Thad Jones, Chuck Israels, Ray Brown, Bill Dobbins, Bedave Schniter, Claudio Roditi, Enrique Morente, Kurt Rosenwinkel or Brad Meldhau, and others. He conducted Workshops and Master Classes of Jazz and Blues both in Catalonia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and in Portugal (Conservatório da Música da Aveiro and Estaleiro da Música de Faro). He is a member of the SGAE and the AIE for his work as a composer and performer.

Artistically, he belongs to the mythical ‘Música Layetana’ movement, forming part of the Mirasol, Mirasol Colores and Esqueixada Sniff orchestras. He collaborated with musicians of the stature of Tete Montoliu, Jordi Sabatés, Zé Eduardo, Toti Soler and Sean Levitt. He has been a member of Casavella and Errol Woiski Band, as well as the Big Ensemble Taller de Músics, with works and direction by Koniec, Agustí Fernández and Pau Riba, Big Band de Bellaterra, Zé Eduardo Unit and Companhia da Música Imaginária.

In 1982 he joined the Mondragon Orchestra, performing in the main cities of the country. He participated in several TV programmes: ‘Séptimo de Caballería’ (Spanish TV), ‘La Cosa Nostra’ (TV3), ‘Continuará’ (Spanish TV) and ‘Musical Exprés’ (Spanish TV). He has also accompanied artists like Rocío Jurado, Lolita Flores, Rafael, Parrita and Moncho, among others.

He leads his own groups Globo Feroz, The One’N’Only Blues Band, Riqui Sabatés & Yule Donald Blues Band, Riqui Sabatés y los Obstinados and Bcn Jazz Quartet. He recorded numerous albums and two solo works with his own compositions: Perdidos en el Blues and Sis Milions i un Dia.

His last work for the cinema was the composition and performance of the soundtrack of the feature film Kràmpack, directed by Cesc Gay, produced by Messidors Films, and from which Subterfuge Records released a CD. He is currently a member of the bands Big Mama & Taller de Músics All-Stars and Big Mama & Riqui Sabatés Blues Band. He also leads the BCN Jazz Quartet with saxophonist Eladio Reinón. He teaches guitar and musical language in the Taller de Músics and the ESEM of the Taller de Músics. He has also been a teacher in renowned schools such as the Aula de Música Moderna and Jazz at the Conservatori de Barcelona, El Musical de Bellaterra, Blue Train de Sabadell and the Escola Municipal de Música de Cerdanyola

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