Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics

Original Jazz Orquestra

The Original Jazz Orquesta is one of the Taller de Músics' most emblematic groups. Under the directorship of the well-known trumpeter David Pastor, the OJO was born out of the idea to create an arena which allows cutting-edge songwriters to have at their disposal all the necessary tools to bring to fruition and perform their works. Composed of young students from the Taller de Músics, the group is possessed of its own identity, making it into a young ambitious orchestra, with a lot of energy.

Thanks to the work carried out over the years, the OJO has today reached a high level of artistic quality and has developed a strong personality of its own, and is one of the most sought after orchestras by artists and bookers alike. In the tradition of the big North American and European orchestras this, group fills the sound of compositions with originality and has worked with artists such as Santiago Auserón, Mala Rodríguez, Cris Juanico, Biel Ballester, Big Mama and Miqui Puig, among others.


The OJO as a training orchestra

As well as being a means by which artists can present their projects, the Original Jazz Orquestra is also a pedagogical tool. The group is one of the training orchestras of the Taller de Músics, aimed at fostering and strengthening the young talents studying at the school.

The first of these training orchestras was the La Jove Big Band, set up in 1984 with the objective of bringing together a selection of musicians who had reached intermediate level within the school's training programme and who received specific complementary training in stage performance. Later the Original Jazz Orquestra was born to bring together the brightest talents from the La Jove Big Band, raising the level of expectation, and in the pursuit of excellence endowing the members with valuable professional experience.

The Original Jazz Orquestra therefore functions as a professional platform for young musicians, another step in the learning process and in the incorporation of professional stage experience.