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Student Card

The Taller de Músics Student Card accredits you as a student of Taller de Músics Music School or Taller de Músics Escola Bachelor of Music and allows you to access the services of both centres. It also gives you discounts and advantages in commercial establishments, concert halls and cultural institutions. The Taller de Músics card works like any student card. Also in the places where they give discounts for being a student, you will be able to benefit from it.

In addition, remember that as a student you can apply for the International Student Identity Card, with which you can get discounts on transport, restaurants, accommodation, museums and cultural events around the world! More information at

Taller de Músics: Student Card


The Taller de Músics Card works just like any other student card. Therefore, if you are enrolled in one of our courses, you will be able to obtain your card. Some things that you should keep in mind are:

  • If you are a student, you can have a card, except if you enrol in a master class or a special course.
  • You can also ask for your card if you are part of the teaching and/or service staff.
  • The card is valid as long as you are part of the Taller de Músics community.


You can process it at the time of registration or at any other time at the secretary’s office of the centre where you are studying.



L’Estudi | Sala Apolo offers a 20% discount on all services.

  • AUDIO: Music Production, recording, mix, postproduction…
  • VÍDEO: music videos, videoclips, concerts, live streaming…
  • Specialization courses bootcamp/masterclasses in music producction and music business.


The 48 Volts Recording Studio offers a 20% discount on the total budget for students and teachers of the Taller de Músics. The space has a recording room and two controls totally interconnected and perfectly conditioned by Audio Acústica, S.L., where you can comfortably record from soloists to live groups. The equipment and backline are of professional quality (consult the rider). Besides, 48 Volts Recording Studio also offers recording, production, arranging and mixing services. The studio has a lounge for pausing and relaxing and is equipped with a cafeteria, microwave, TV, sofa, video games, and office. The latest productions made at 48 Volts Recording Studio have managed to position themselves at the top of the sales lists, digital and physical, getting several gold and platinum records. Call without commitment or visit the website!


OhYeah! Records / 85Studios offer its facilities to the students, graduates, and faculty of the Taller de Músics. Artists will be able to enjoy the rehearsal and recording rooms with a 10% discount on the rates established on their website. Also a 20% discount for recordings and 20h rehearsal vouchers (which include gift recording).
They have three fully equipped rooms and another one for soloists or classes (20m2). The recording studio has two cabins connected to the control. They also have a multipurpose room of about 40m2 to rest. Visit if you want to know their facilities and the rest of the services they offer.


Local, a space with rehearsal rooms located very close to the Taller de Músics Bachelor of Músic, offers a 10 to 15% discount on rental rates to all students who present the Workshop card. They are open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 am and weekends from 10 am to 9 pm. In addition, they also offer a 20% discount on their mixing, recording, music production services, etc. Contact them for a personalised quote! You can find more information on their website.


Top Music has modern facilities covering more than 2000 m2 in the city of Barcelona, in a location that is easily accessible by both public and private transport, with a large, free parking area available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. 24-hour access, with continuous 12-hour service to the public every day of the year. Surveillance, more than 40 security cameras distributed throughout the Top Music area; and alarms connected 24 hours a day with a security company and the police. Entertainment area. Drinks, snacks and coffee machines. Sale of material ( strings, cables, etc.). Free WIFI connection.

They offer an 8% discount to the whole Taller de Músics community.


If you are not from Barcelona, surely your friends and family will want to take advantage of a few days to visit you and enjoy Barcelona. Happy People Barcelona offers them a 10% discount on the rent of their apartments. When you make your reservation you only have to enter the promotional code 10HAPPY. The Happy People Barcelona apartment buildings are located in privileged locations in the city, near the main tourist spots of Barcelona. All apartments have been recently refurbished offering maximum comfort to their guests. For more information, you can send an email to [email protected].


It offers 10% on its web rate with free breakfast. To manage this discount, it will have to be done through Ana Morgado by sending an email to [email protected], with the photograph of the student card + DNI.


Recently renovated in 2019 Barcelona housing student is a modern student accommodation located in the center of Barcelona in the popular neighborhood of Gracia. Located next to the Fontana metro, which in a few minutes will take you to any point in Barcelona, 5 minutes from Paseo de Gracia and Casa Batlló and 20 minutes from Park Güell, this is the perfect option for student accommodation in Barcelona. With your student card from the Taller de Músics you will enjoy a 50% discount on the registration fee.

In this LINK you can check the different accommodation options.


Home-made meals. Take away. Close to plaça Orfila, 9 Ajuntament Street. They offer 5% discount to Taller de Músics’ students and teachers.


We know you like culture! That’s why TresC offers you a discount to become a member of the club. To achieve this, all you have to do is enter the code TALLERMUSICS when you register. For first-year students, the Basic quota will be free and those of subsequent courses will have a promotion of 25% of the price. quota. Find out about the services offered by each modality and start enjoying discounts and advantages for more than 1,000 proposals for theatre, music, cinema, museums, books, routes and cultural trips!


  • 50% discount on most concerts ( 10€ maximum).
  • Ticket price for the Jamboree Jams: 5€ (the normal price is 12€).
  • Online tickets: can be purchased on the Mas i Mas website. You must use a code that you can get from the secretary’s office.
  • Ticket office: you can buy them by showing your student card to get the discount.
  • Does not apply to disco.


50% discount at the box office, students who prove it with the corresponding school card, at the Stable Season concerts and Jazz Festival organized by Jazz Terrassa at the New Jazz Cava. If you are a student contact us at [email protected] and we will inform you! (Promotion subject to the capacity of the room)


Ticket price 5€ for Taller de Músics Students. Ask for the discount coupon code at yor school desk.


Taller Músicos students can enjoy a 25% discount on tickets to the following concert series offered by the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM): Blues and Related Styles and Classical Music.


The students of the Taller de Músics will be able to enjoy proposals of the Filmoteca de Catalunya at a reduced price. In order to obtain it, it is only necessary to present the student card at the time of purchasing the tickets. The Filmoteca de Catalunya is the Generalitat de Catalunya’s film archive dedicated to the preservation of film-related heritage and the dissemination of film culture. You can check the program of the films, activities, family program and cycles here.


The design of the CD covers is a vital factor for the success of the product. It becomes a meaningful tool, very useful to evoke content and channel the buying impulse. Comunicom is a creative studio from Barcelona with more than 12 years of experience in the music sector, working together with musicians and offering professional, effective and attractive solutions. It currently has two interesting offers for students and teachers of the Taller de Músics:

    • -20% discount on the Graphic Design of album covers, digital covers, CDs, LPs and posters for students and teachers.
    • Opera Prima Pack for students who are working on their first album includes the professional design of the cover, back cover, booklet of 8 pages and labels for only 400€, also offers the adaptation to the vinyl format for an additional 50€. Discounts can be obtained through the online form: 


The copy shop Imatge Món Digital, in front of ESEM, makes a 20% discount on all its services for all students of Taller de Músics.


Have you ever thought about taking promotional photos? Tania Depares Photo offers a 15% discount for students of the Taller de Músics in FOTO BOOKS for artists of 10 photos with 3 changes of clothes. You can find more information on their website and Facebook page.


If you want to learn English, it’s easy at the Institute of American Studies! 10% discount on all courses and free registration for new students!


Take advantage of the special promotions at Konnekta’t Espai – workshops, classes and much more! You will find them in the Carrer Príncep de Viana, 3.


Do you consider hearing protection? Take advantage of the discount offered by GAES, the leading company in the sector of hearing correction and prevention in Spain. With the Taller de Músics card, you can enjoy a 15% discount on the different hearing protection products for musicians. The discount will only be valid for physical purchases in any of the GAES centres in Barcelona. To enjoy this special price, it is necessary to present to the centre’s audiologist the Taller de Músics card together with the discount code, which can be obtained from the School Secretary’s Office.


Rehabilitation proposal: voice and muscular system with Mònica Miralles. The team of professionals made up of speech therapists and singing teachers coordinated by Mònica Miralles sensitized and constant researchers of the voice and related branches. The ultimate goal is to enjoy the voice and its expressiveness. They offer us an 8% discount on the following services.


Discount at the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l’Art, a centre specialised in the medical care of performing artists (musicians, dancers, actors, etc.). For having the card of the Taller de Músics, you can enjoy a discount of five euros in physiotherapy sessions, both in the centre of Terrassa as in Barcelona.


Do you have to renew your glasses? Do it at Óptica Ares Barcelona and you will have a revision. complete and free optometry once a year. In addition, you’ll get a 40% discount on prescription glasses, as well as changing lenses and sunglasses. And that’s not all! Because if you’re a wearer of you will have a 20% discount on these and other complementary products. Offer valid for students and workers of the Taller de Músics and family members.


Óptica & Audiologia Universitaria offers 10% to all the Taller de Músics students who register through their website and upload a photo of the student card.


Artistic Injury Prevention and Treatment Center of Barcelona, offers a 30% discount for students of Taller de Músics. Download here the pdf of all the benefits with CPAE.


FISIOCAM, offers discounts of 10% on the normal price of the session of physiotherapy and osteopathy. The discounts are valid for both centers and the student card must be presented. If you book online, in the observations section you should put Student or Professor of Taller de Músics.


Exclusively for all current students and teachers of the Taller de Músics, the luthería Santos Guitars workshop offers a 10% discount on all its repair, restoration and maintenance services for plucked string instruments, amplifiers and pedals. In addition, it also includes the same discount on the manufacture of custom guitars, amplifiers, and pedals. In addition, in collaboration with the luthier Alejandro González, it also offers all services for violins, violoncellos or double basses. In order to enjoy the discount, it is necessary to show your Taller de Músics card.
Calls: 930 383 329
Whatsapp: 930 383 329
E-mail: [email protected]



The brand specialised in the manufacture of In-Ear systems and Hearing Protection offers a discount to Taller de Músics students and teachers. The discount is a percentage reduction on the purchase of In-Ears and made-to-measure hearing protectors. To take advantage of this discount, you need to enter the discount code at the checkout and then send a photo of your Taller de Músics ID card by email.

15% discount on the entire range of Astro Hybrid, Matador Pro and custom-made ER ear protectors.

Ask for the code at the School or ESEM Secretary’s Office!

*IMPORTANT: Remember that once the order has been placed, a photo of your Taller de Músics ID card must be sent to [email protected].

On the Earprotech website you can discover other products offered by the brand, such as accessories, cleaning kits or damp-proofing machines.


Fanatic Guitars offers a 10% discount on the minimum internet price for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, Spanish guitars, basses, effects pedals and all kinds of guitarist accessories. There are also occasional higher offers on Mono guitar sleeves. Discounts can be obtained in the physical shop or through their online guitar shop.

*To obtain the online discounts you must contact the store by telephone at 933 238 831 or through this online form so that they can provide you with the discount code for the web.


Guitar Shop Barcelona offers a 10% discount (from a minimum amount of 35€) on its products to students of the Taller de Músics. You can visit to access their complete stock or to see the weekly offers. In addition, they also offer some exclusive offers until the end of the stock:

  • ADC Rosetta model. Electroacoustic guitar with laminated walnut top, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. Includes case and tuner. 235 euros.
  • Model ADC QK-S. Ukelele Soprano with walnut top and rosewood fingerboard. Canvas cover included. 59 euros.
  • Model A. Dotras Córdoba JD-L. Classical Guitar with laminated pine-fir top and rosewood fingerboard. Canvas cover included. 119 euros.
  • Model A. Dotras Córdoba JD-S. Classical Guitar with solid top of spruce floors and rosewood fingerboard. Canvas cover included. 199 euros.

Finally, adding 10 euros to the total price in the concept of postage by MRW (shipments to Peninsula), you will be able to receive all the material in the address that you notify.


Brass Market offers a 5% discount in sections Accessories and Music Books and a 10% in Harlem studio instruments.

Send an email before your purchase to [email protected] and you will receive your discount coupon.


5% discount on Jazz Messengers, the shop specialised in jazz books, records and DVDs.


Special discounts from 5% at UME Musical Union. In addition, preferential conditions for all students of the Taller de Músics:

  • Possibility of financing the purchase of instruments.
  • Possibility of renting instruments with an option to buy.
  • Free master classes.
  • Possibility of doing acoustic performances in their facilities (interested, ask the Secretary).


Discount on Xviolins. As a student of Taller de Músics, you can enjoy a 10% discount on any purchase in this online store specializing in musical gifts and accessories for musicians. If you are interested, ask for the promotional code at the secretary’s office!


5% discount on the purchase of equipment or instruments at Musicmegastore Bcn!


BackMarket offers n5% discount on the purchase of refurbished phones. Get your discount coupon at the students section of


5% discount on the purchase of any of the products or technical services offered by the Traxtore store.


Red Computerscompany specialized in computer science and everything related to the world of PC gaming. Offers the following benefits for our students:

  • 3% discount on computers for parts, PC configurations and peripherals.
  • 1% discount on laptops.

The discounts are valid both in store, presenting the ID and student card, and on the web. For online orders, it is necessary to send a photo of the ID and student card to [email protected]


UNiDAYS gives you access to the best discounts for students both online and in stores in the best brands and distributors. It offers discounts on fashion, technology and entertainment. Taller de Músics is recognized within the institutions that allows its students to enjoy many advantages. When registering, you must send a photo of the student card of Taller de Músics and the verification will be effective.


Dribo, digital driving school in form of an App that allows you to take out your driving license using your mobile as a learning and management tool. With the student card of Taller de Musics, you have €25 discount for the purchase of the theoretical or theoretical exam + practices. Ask for the code in the Secretary of the center.

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