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The Lamento. Gospel & Flamenco

The Lamento is the result of a long research journey by the multitalented musician Ramon Escalé to find a musical, conceptual and, above all, emotional connection between two roots musics: black spirituals and flamenco. Both are steeped in an ancestral feeling of sadness, which is twinned with the blues or the queijo: deep emotions that come from the depths of the soul, but which leave room for hope.

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More about The Lamento

Passion, strength, lament, joy, viscerality and authenticity are what emanate from this show, where the musical forms experiment freely with the rhythmic complexity of flamenco and, at the same time, mesh with the simple but overwhelming melodies of the spirituals. To do so, Ramon Escalé joins forces with Paula Domínguez, with whom he discovers the point where these two worlds intertwine naturally.

The project respects the essence of the melodies of the black spirituals and leaves them to find a comfortable space within the flamenco soundscape, at the same time as having them adopt turns and melismas that are initially unfamiliar.

However, if there is one thing that defines The Lamento, it is honesty. It is a sincere, daring proposal, passionate, without artifice and respectful of tradition. It has the power to touch and move anyone who listens to it.

This project brings together some of the most outstanding emerging figures of Catalan flamenco as well as established names from the local African American music scene. The result is a line-up full of great musicians who bring all their experience to bear in order to make possible a mixture that has rarely been fully achieved before.

“It was really very exciting to hear, for the first time, the spiritual “Wade in the water” with the harmony and rhythm of tangos and to be certain that a new path had been opened, and that, after this first discovery, the rest of the melodies would start pairing with their setting“.
Ramon Escalé

Paula Domínguez | vocals
Laura Marchal | vocals
Carmen Cortés | vocals
Montse Martínez | dance
Martí Serra | alto saxophone
Marc López | Spanish guitar
Ismael Alcina | bass
David Domínguez | percussion
Ramon Escalé | organ, arrangements and direction

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