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Berta Sala

Berta Sala (Barcelona, 1997), is a singer and pianist. When she finished her professional studies of classical piano at the Manresa Conservatory, she performed at the Liceu Conservatory, specialising in jazz singing and modern music, where she was accepted with a scholarship from Ferrer Salat-Joves Talents.

Subjects: Voice, Musical Language


Her singing teachers are Celeste Alías, Carme Canela and Jolande Geven, the latter at the ArtEZ University in the Netherlands, where she is studying the third year of the advanced degree. Apart from these teachers, she has received classes in seminars and masterclasses from Joey Blake, Cyrille Aimee, Michael Kanan or Judy Niemack.

Currently, she leads her own music project as a quartet, music in Catalan and Spanish, as a singer-songwriter, with Latin rhythms and spaces for improvisation. She also has a duet project with the guitarist Martí Riera and another project, of Brazilian music, with the bassist Heitor Martins.

She has participated in projects such as CIA Torreta (folk music) or La Firabar Bigband (jazz). More info:

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