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Ismael Alcina

Cadiz bassist and composer based in Barcelona. Originally self-taught begins in local folklore and flamenco from a young age. After conducting several jazz seminars, together with Paul Gill and Chris Higgins, completed his training by performing a Teaching of Musical Education (UCA) and later the higher degree of jazz and modern music (ESMUC) studying with Gary Willis and Mario Rossy.





Subjects: Instrumental Ensemble


So far he has more than 15 years of professional experience making tours and recordings for different artists of the national scene (Lya, David de Maria, India Martinez, Alba Molina, Lidia Guevara, José Carlos Gomez, Antonio Lizana, etc).

He is currently part of several projects accompanying Carles Denia, Pau Figueres, Juan Antonio Moya, Lidia Pujol, Odyssey 4tet, Revisiting Bowie (by Adrià Plana), Nacho Melús, Laia Badrenas and Rojas. He has also published his own album, Bass Life (2016), and will publish a second album by the middle of this year.

He is also a professor at l’EAV del Prat and has held workshops in Sedajazz (Valencia), La Capsa (Barcelona) and La Isla Flamenca City Festival in San Fernando (Cádiz). Ismael Alcina is an endorser of AST Basses & guitars, Elixir strings, Cordial cables (by Neotecnica) and Tanne Bass Corner straps.


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