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Karim Habib

Karim Habib El Fakih is a Venezuelan guitarist and composer living in Barcelona since 2014. In 2008, he migrated to Chile where he completed a degree in Musical Composition at UNIACC (Santiago de Chile). He then studied arranging and composition for jazz ensembles at the ProJazz school (Santiago de Chile), later specialising in Soundtracks and Jazz Composition at the ESMUC (Barcelona).

Subjects: Electric Guitar


He participated as a performer and arranger in several projects such as Pelusa (2010-2014), Ensamble Nodo (2013), Yexza Lara (2017), and as a producer in PockeSongs (Carola & Karim, 2017) and Breathe (Yana Lizunkova, 2017).

He composed the soundtrack for numerous audiovisual projects, both short films and documentaries: A Tale of Love, Madness and Death (2014) and The Last Scene (2013) by Mijael Bustos, Apycalipse (Karina Matas-Pipper, 2015), Living Magic (Radharani Gomez, 2015), Rhinoceros (Adrian Morales, 2017), The Journey of the Book (Daniel Millán, 2017) as well as video games (Beyond the Sky, 2016) and has been commissioned with original compositions for performance acts such as H-1987 (Angels Aymar, 2017).

He has also developed several personal composition projects that combine elements of electronic music, chamber music and Latin American folklore. From the beginning of his career, he has been linked to music pedagogy, using it as a vehicle for personal development of both teachers and students, considering music education as a social tool.

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