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Marcel·lí Bayer


Born in Barcelona in 1982, Marcel·lí Bayer is an active musician, especially in the field of jazz and improvised music. He plays all kinds of saxophones, clarinets, flutes and small electronic instruments.


Subjects: Sax/Clarinet, Transverse Flute, Formal Analysis, Improvisation (II), Sax, Clarinet


He has studied at the Luthier Music school, the Taller de Músics, the University of Barcelona (Music Education) and did his Bachelor in Jazz Saxophone Perfomance at the ESMuC (2006-2010).

He currently participates in projects by Martín Leiton, Toni Vaquer, Iván González, Ramon Prats, Albert Cirera, Juliane Heinemann, Àlex Cassanyes and Nico Roig; actively collaborates with pianists Josep-Maria Balanyà and Toni Saigi, guitarist Amidea Clotet, singer Celeste Alias, saxophonist Cristina Miguel, poet Oriol Sauleda, is part of the Barcelona-based band Seward and leads Tàlveg trio, together with Ferran Fages and Oriol Roca.

He has participated in about fifty recordings as a sideman and has released five as a leader: “Nonitz featuring Lee Konitz” (Quadrant Records, 2011); “Les Narrations” (Whatabout Music 2013); “1680” (Discordian Records, 2014), “Niketchrin” (Creative Sources, 2017) and “Two Horses” (Underpool, 2019).


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