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Yeray Hernández

Youth School Coordinator

He has a diploma in music teaching from the ULL (University of La Laguna) in Tenerife and a Higher music degree in the speciality of jazz guitar from the Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales. He has received instrument and instrumental ensemble lessons from Joan Monné, Jon Robles, Javier Juanco, Jordi Bonell and Vicenç Solsona.

Subjects: Electric Guitar, Didactics of Instrument and Ensemble, Instrumental Ensemble


He completed keyboard studies at the Musicalex school in Tenerife and studied modern drums with musicians and teachers Alfredo Llanos and Dimas Machado in Tenerife. He also received guitar lessons from Felu Morales and Dani Pérez. Yeray Hernández constantly tries to combine his teaching-musical work with his study and musical projects of various kinds. Before moving to Barcelona, he participates as a member of local groups in Tenerife, with for example Jesús Garriga, Groove Phactory and Almudena Moreno Quintet, as the most outstanding projectors; in addition he also performed other tasks such as composing the music for the play Yerro at the University of La Laguna.

Once in the peninsula, he has worked with 5 Tristes Tigres in Madrid and, since 2005, he has immersed himself in the cultural-musical movement of Barcelona, participating in numerous musical and recording projects, of which these stood out: Manteka (flamenco-fusion), Toma4 (contemporary jazz, 1st prize at the Fuenlabrada Jazz Festival), Mireia Izquierdo (signature song), Joan Isaac (signature song), Carmen Doraà (flamenco-fusion), Marco Boi Quintet (signature jazz), Jacaranda (traditional Brazilian music), Janine Johnson (jazz-soul), Duccio Bertini Big Band (jazz), Or verd (flamenco-fusion), Alessio Arena (songwriter), Pixar in Concert (with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra), etc. As a member of the Original Jazz Orchestra of the Taller de Músics, Yeray Hernández has shared the stage with Miki Puig, Jorge Pardo, Martirio, Sole Giménez, Big Mama Montse, Susana Sheiman, David Pastor, Koko Jean, Anton Jarl, Antonio Zambujo, La Mala Rodriguez, etc.

Outside Barcelona, he participated in the SOS Festival in Murcia, the Jazz Festival in Fuenlabrada, the Jazz in Olorón in France and the Tenco Festival in Italy. Currently, he continues to work as a freelance and session musician. In the educational field, Yeray Hernández is part of the pedagogical team of the Taller de Músics Escuela de Música as a guitar teacher, instrumental ensemble and musical language.

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