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actions for new musicians
[Acciones para Músicos Noveles]

Actions for New Musicians is a collaborative project between Taller de Músics and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). Since 2019 it has been providing spaces for musical creation and promoting the international careers of emerging artists from the Taller de Músics community. The actions it carries out include periods of gestation in artistic residencies with national and international figures, the promotion of shows, co-productions with festivals, digital publishing and attendance at seminars and festivals.

Actions for New Musicians



Ensemble X Berlin Barcelona

New production

Sebastian Studnitzky worked in artistic residency with Jofre Fité, Álvaro Imperial, Loreen Sima and Denis Suárez. Ensemble X Berlin Barcelona is an ongoing project which has so far put on four concerts.

Jamboree | Barcelona | March 25th

Berlín | May 5th

Ciclo Talents Jazz a La Pedrera
La Pedrera | Barcelona | July 14th & 15th


Talent Legacy

New production

Lluís Vidal, Néstor Giménez, Lluc Casares and Joan Vidal of the Barcelona Art Orchestra (BAO) selected the compositions of Jofre Fité, David Cano, Juan Manuel Torres and Javier Sánchez, as well as doing the arrangements and working in artistic residency with Clara, Guillem Payaró, Jason Perera, Nil Martí, Javier Sánchez, Javi Alonso, Fernando de la Calle and Sergio Cañizares. Talent Legacy in an ongoing project that has already performed one concert.

Festival Talent
Nova Jazz Cava | Terrassa, Barcelona | June 17th


Maschere Mediterranee

New production

Raffaele Casarano worked in artistic residency with Andrea Rossetti and Davide Chiarelli of the Locomotive Jazz Festival and with Álvaro López and Pau Domènech of Taller de Músics. Maschere Mediterranee fuses taranta, flamenco and contemporary jazz.

Locomotive Jazz Festival
Salento, Italy | August 5th

Barcelona | November 22nd


Oli i Aigua

New production

Salvador Sobral and Leo Aldrey worked in artistic residency with Aleix Cansell, Llorenç Colomar, Joan Colom, Marina Vinent de la Fuente, Guillem Durante, Rafael Motila, Nil Martí, Héctor Cervera, Marta Duran, Sara Brito, Irene Romo, Maite Ruiz, Sara Terraza, Giulietta Vidal and Núria Fossas to compose the song “Oli i Aigua”.

Ongoing project: digital release of the track and video clip coming soon.


Antonio Lizana & Taller de Músics Ensemble

Antonio Lizana works in artistic residency with Miranda Fernández, Sergio Cañizares, Joan Colom and Rafael Montilla. An ongoing project that will perform in one concert soon.

360 Paris Music Factory
Paris, France | November 9th


Trio Nilo

Festival Talent 2021 award-winning band, going on a concert tour. It’s formed by Ernest Pipó on guitar, Tomàs Pujol on bass and double bass and Kike Pérez on drums.

Almería | October 27th

La Chistera
Monachil, Granada | October 28th

Sala Clamores
Madrid | October 30th

Milano Jazz Club
Barcelona | November 9th

Sunset Jazz Club
Girona | November 24th



Edu Pons
Jazzahead! | Bremen, Germany | From April 29th to May 1st

Ángel González y Xavier Veres
JazzUp! / Jazz à Vienne | Vienne, France | From July 4th to 13th

Biel Solsona Trio
Biel Solsona, Ferran Puertas y Eudald Font
Fara Music Festival / Fara Music Summer School | Fara, Italy| From July 25th to 28th

Sara Brito y Nil Martí
Babel Sound / Jazz Camp | Balatonboglár, Hungary | From July 30th to August 6th



Taller de Músics Ensemble & Perico Sambeat

New production

Perico Sambeat worked in artistic residence with Álvaro Imperial, Roger Calduch, Marta Durán, Alba Morena, Pere Alcón, Héctor Tejedo, Llorenç Colomar and Héctor Cervera. Taller de Músics Ensemble & Perico Sambeat gave four concerts

Sala Berlanga
Madrid | April 27th

Auditorio Centro de Congresos de Barbastro
Barbastro, Huesca | June 26th

Mas i Mas Festival
Plaza Real | Barcelona | July 21st

Espai Masia Bas Platja d’Aro
Platja d’Aro, Barcelona | August 6th


Chano Domínguez & Taller de Músics Ensemble

New production

Chano Domínguez worked in artistic residency with Thais Hernández, Tomàs Pujol, Pau Cullell, Álvaro López, Pol Leiva, Javier Sánchez and Joan Colom. Taller de Músics Ensemble & Chano Domínguez gave five concerts.

Sunfest Festival
Jamboree Streaming | Ontario, Canada | June 16th

Festival Jazz Cádiz
Baluarte, Cádiz | July 24th

Festival de Begur
Begur, Girona | August 13th

Mas i Mas Festival
Teatro Coliseum | Barcelona | August 29th

Mercat de Música Viva de Vic
Vic, Barcelona | September 17th


Cora Novoa & The Artifacts

New production

Cora Novoa worked in artistic residency with Alba Morena, Roger Calduch and Tomàs Pujol. Cora Novoa & The Artifacts gave two concerts.

Sónar Istanbul
Zorlu Performing Arts Center | Istanbul, Turkey | October 3rd

Sónar Barcelona
CCCB | Barcelona | October 29th


Pablo Martin Trio

The band won the prize of a four-concert tour at the Talent Festival 2020.

Ciclo ‘Jazz al Relente’
Algeciras, Cádiz | 6 de agosto

Festival Joven de Jazz en la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz | 7 de agosto

Sala Clamores
Madrid | 8 de agosto

Barcelona | 9 de agosto



Jofre Fité Trio
Fara Music Festival | Fara, Italy | July 28th

Lidia Facerías & Edu Pons
Fara Music Festival | Fara, Italy | July 27th



Taller de Músics Ensemble & Omar Sosa

New production

Omar Sosa worked in artistic residency with Alan Pribizchuk, Denis Suárez, Álvaro Mejido, Marcel Vallés, Edu Pons and Marta Durán. Taller de Músics Ensemble & Omar Sosa did an international tour of four concerts.

Festival JazzMadrid19
Madrid | November 12th

Centro de Artes Escénicas la Alcoholera
San Pedro Alcántara, Málaga | November 13th

Centro Le Rocher de Palmer
Cenon, France | November 15th

Teatro Garcia de Resende
Évora, Portugal | November 19th



Héctor Tejedo and Clara Palet
Jazz Up! Festival Jazz à Vienne | Vienne, France | From July 2nd to 11th

Lídia Rodríguez Facerías and Marta Durán
Sedajazz: XX Seminario Internacional de Jazz de Valencia | From July 9th to 12th

Álvaro Mejido, Thais Hernández and Miranda Fernández
Babel Sound | Balatonboglár, Hungary | From July 16th to 18th

Álvaro Mejido, Pau Mainé and Joan Torné
Jazz Tabor Camp | Balatonboglár, Hungary | From August 4th to 8th

Albert Poll, Javier Sánchez, Sergi Murcia and Pol Leiva
Jam Music Lab | Vienna, Austria | From October 9th to 11th

Álvaro Imperial, Héctor Tejedo and Alberto Garrido
Sibiu Jazz Competition | Sibiu, Romania | From November 1st to 4th

Antonio Navarro, Aida Tena, Valentín Rodríguez and Denis Suárez
Forum Jazz(s)Ra | Vienne, France | From November 27th to 30th

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