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Disco 'NY Tableaux'

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New album presentation by NYT Band

The presentation of the NY Tableaux album (DiscMedi, 2019) will be held on Friday, February 14 (8pm) at Taller de Músics 24.

The album puts music to the poetry book Retaule de Nueva York (Ara Llibres, 2017) by poet and writer Valentí Gómez Oliver, who writes about his frequent stays in New York. The pianist and composer Ivan Santa have created a repertoire of songs going from jazz to flamenco with pop touches. He also plays piano and keyboards on the album with the exceptional voices of Sara Sambola and Pere Martínez, who vertebrate the compositions and give them their own personality. Sergio Di Finizio, on the electric bass and Joan Carles Marí Tur on drums, complete the band.

NYT Band will be performing live in the presentation of the album. The author of the texts Valentí Gómez Oliver will also attend the concert.


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