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Diego Amador

Diego Amador is known as a flamenco pianist and cantaor, as well as for his fusion with jazz. He is a composer whose rhythms flow naturally between swing and Flamenco Palos. Performing and composing both types of music is part of his nature. If we talk about jazz, Diego Amador’s music is not standard, it is the author’s jazz and represents Spain for its peculiarity and mix with flamenco. It is music that can be shared with other musicians in the world.

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Diego Amador

More about Diego Amador

Diego Amador offers professional solidity with unique compositions that make a difference. Last April (2019) he released his latest album Vivir with record label Nuevos Medios.

Collaborations with Chick Corea (considered one of the greatest voices of jazz piano), guitarist Pat Metheny, legendary double bass player Charlie Haden, as well as Abraham Laboriel and Alex Acuña, among many others guarantee his professionalism.

His repeated participation in major festivals such as Vitoria Jazz Festival, Jazz a Vienne Festival, Capetown Jazz Festival, Ciclo de Jazz 1906, Sud à Arles Festival, Festival de Jazz de San Javier, Jazz Viene del Sur, Festival de Jazz de Madrid, Rabat Jazz Festival and various Jazz Clubs around the world coin his importance. In recent years he has alternated his residence between Spain and the USA, especially New York with its consequent consolidation with the genre while at the same time maintaining the cultural interest of fusion.

Diego Amador | piano and vocals
Israel Varela o Diego Amador | drums and percussion
Rafa Díaz | electric bass

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