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Giulia Valle

Giulia Valle, composer, arranger and double bass player, is one of the most prolific, original and international voices in the Barcelona jazz scene. She has always combined her special fertility of ideas, composing her own sonorous universe, diverse and characteristic like few others, with an unusual ability to form and lead creative teams, dedicated to her music, which she systematically arranges and rethinks to advance her bands at the forefront of everything.

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Giulia Valle

More about Giulia Valle

Giulia Valle is presented in two different formations: Giulia Valle Trio and Giulia Valle Ensemble.

Giulia Valle Trio. With the album Live in San Francisco, the author’s seventh album, Giulia immerses herself in the concept and sound universe of the trio, offering vibrant concerts, in which the immense interaction between the three instrumentalists and the always captivating music of Valle, are the common denominator. On this occasion, Giulia presents two very promising, virtuous and extremely creative young musicians, Tom Amat and Adrià Claramunt. A new stage that brings together a new development of the always intense and rich music of Giulia, as well as the discovery of young values of the national jazz scene.

Giulia Valle Ensemble. Eclectic, intense, evocative, seductive and more stimulating than ever, the Giulia Valle Ensemble is an absolutely overwhelming band, with an overflowing live performance, which proposes to discover the latest works of Giulia Valle, in the hands of some of the most renowned musicians, as well as a new generation of performers who will surely impact the scene in the coming years. David Pastor, Dani Domínguez, Martí Serra, Gorka Benítez, Roger Mas, Raynald Colom as well as the young Oscar Latorre, Tom Amat, Vicent Pérez, Adrià Claramunt, and Félix Rossy are part of this group.

Giulia Valle Trio
Giulia Valle | double bass, composer and director
Tom Amat | piano
Adrià Claramunt | drums

Giulia Valle Ensemble
Giulia Valle | double bass, composer and director
Carlos Sarduy | trumpet
Víctor Colomer | trombone
Fran Ramos | alto saxophone
Martí Serra | Soprano and tenor saxophones
Tom Amat | piano
Adrià Claramunt | drums

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