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Jofre Fité Trio

The pianist, keyboard player and composer Jofre Fité presents his first trio work, called Dotze, a reflection on the passing of time and on what might seem cyclical to us, but is in fact new every time we experience it. He does so through music, poetry and illustration. The trio, which comprises Carla González on double bass and synthesizer and Pau Gurpegui on drums and pad, explores acoustic and electronic sounds and a great diversity of styles. Thus, the songs contain sounds ranging from pop, to rumba, from habanera to drum’n’bass and even punk, while never forgetting their roots: jazz.

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Jofre Fité Trio

More about Jofre Fité Trio

Jofre Fité’s new trio project, Dotze, offers a year-long journey through different sensations. It is conceived as a circle in which each month has an opposite (January/July, February/August, March/September…). Each pair of these opposite themes is recorded with different formations, including guitar, flute, a brass section and even a symphonic ensemble. This offers many possibilities for live concerts, as the work can be performed with just the basic trio, or with guest musicians as well.

Dotze will be turned into a book/disc that will include these twelve compositions, as well as twelve illustrations by Irene Solé and Cecília Coca, playing with the contrast between the opposing colours of a colour wheel, and twelve poems by Pol Pagès.

Jofre Fité

A graduate in History from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and in Jazz Piano Performance from the Taller de Músics Escuela Superior de Estudios Musicales (ESEM), he has performed at various festivals in Catalonia, Spain, France and Italy. He has been a semi-finalist at the Juventudes Musicales de España competition and the winner of Fara Jazz Music Live 2021.

Throughout his career he has taken part in a wide range of groups, from big bands to pop/rock cover bands, as well as other genres such as contemporary music, reggae, funk and jazz. He currently leads his own project, the Jofre Fité Trio. He is also the pianist for the Denis Suárez Trio and keyboardist for the Igualada artist Red Pèrill.

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