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Paula Domínguez

Paula Domínguez, a singer and songwriter from Malaga, presents her first solo album Bendita ilusión (Self-published, 2023). With a pop fusion sound, it reflects a visible maturity both in the subject matter of the lyrics and in the composition. The album was produced by Luis Robisco and Kquimi Saigi.

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Paula Domínguez

More about Paula Domínguez

Bendita ilusión is the emotion that comes from giving oneself one more chance. The core message is of commitment to one’s own desires, without knowing whether or not they will ever be fulfilled. It is a work of auteur music but contextualised in a pop fusion sound and is the culmination of Paula Domínguez’s multiple musical adventures. A visible maturity is evident in the subject matter of the lyrics, which reflect emotions and meditations on being as well as giving importance to the fundamental values of life. It combines acoustic musical arrangements, in which rhythmic elements and flamenco guitars predominate, along with electronic elements and synthesizers in order to achieve a fusion of the styles which the artist makes her own. In order to imbue the performance of the songs with a flamenco nuance, Paula uses vibratos, melismas and vocal glissandos with Arabian hues.

Paula Domínguez

A graduate in higher musical studies in flamenco at Taller de Músics, she has worked and collaborated with artists such as Santiago Auserón, Rosalía, Hugo (OT), Cris Juanico, Maika Makovski, Frank Diago, Arcángel, Kiki Morente and Argentina, as well as in projects such as Demetrio Muñiz’s Cuban Sound Project (the musical director of Buenavista Social Club), the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia, the Orquesta Sinfónica del Vallès, and the Municipal Bands of Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela, among others.

She has performed at national and international festivals on tour with bands such as Lenacay and Patáx. Her appearances on various television programmes and her tutorials on Youtube have made her various musical facets well known at national level.

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