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Camarada Ventura

Camarada Ventura is a musical group that fuses electronica, jazz, ambient and pop. Their music is energetic, fresh and sensitive, ideal for any kind of audience and venue. After two albums under the name JF Trio, they decided to revamp the band and release a new work under a new name that reflects their evolving identity after 4 years playing together.

(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about Camarada Ventura

The trio, initially led by pianist Jofre Fité and accompanied by Carla González Ferrer on double bass and Pau Gurpegui on drums, came about with the idea of having a stable group to perform their compositions. They began with the album Dotze in 2022, with twelve themes dedicated to each month of the year. Thanks to winning the Fara Music Festival competition, they were able to release their second album Transit (EMME Record Label) that same year.

They have presented their music around Catalonia, at venues such as the Kursaal in Manresa, Nova Jazz Cava in Terrassa, Estiu&Jazz in Girona, Jazz I Am in Barcelona, among others, as well as at international events such as InJazz in Rotterdamm and Unterfahrt Jazz Club in Munich. After 4 years, they decided to take a step further as a band, adopting the name Camarada Ventura and releasing the EP Look Again in May 2024.

“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us.”

The title of the EP and its four tracks, “That Dot”, “That’s Here”, “That’s Home” and “That’s Us”, are inspired by the words of astronomer Carl Sagan in his text “A Pale Blue Dot”, reflecting on humanity’s position in the universe and the importance of caring for our planet and realising that we are part of something bigger. The EP includes an epilogue with an excerpt from Sagan’s speech and a musical summary of the tracks. The music was created by the three members of the group in collaboration with producer Alex Almirall and mastered by Ferran Conangla.

Jofre Fité – piano and synthesizer and Ableton Live
Carla González Ferrer – double bass and synthesizer
Pau Gurpegui – drums, pad, synthesizer and drum machine

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