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Suite de Lucía

Suite de Lucía is a tribute concert to Paco de Lucía devised by his official transcriber, David Leiva, and conducted by Joan Albert Amargós. Amargós’ musical experience and great knowledge of flamenco give musicality and new life to some of Lucía’s most representative themes with orchestration for big band.

Taller de Músics and ESMUC join forces to show the public a new dimension of the work of the renowned guitarist from Algeciras. Young musicians from both schools share the stage alongside figures of the stature of Carles Benavent, Antonio Serrano and Rafael de Utrera, artists who accompanied Paco de Lucía during his career.

Suite de Lucía is a co-production by Taller de Músics, L’Auditori and ESMUC, which premiered on Sunday 17th October 2021 as part of the Ciutat Flamenco festival.

*Paco de Lucía’s heirs and the Paco de Lucía Foundation approve and authorize the arrangements and the Suite de Lucía show.

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Elena Rodríguez | violinMarina Feliu | trumpet
Paula del Río | violinHéctor Cervera | trumpet
María Avilés | violinJúlia Soler | trombone
Hugo Gracia | violinMaria Gil | flute
Laura Nicolàs | violinJavier Sánchez | sax
Ana Fernández | violinAina López | alto sax
Helena Gilabert | violinMarc López | flamenco guitar
Carmen Pascual | violinDavid Leiva | flamenco guitar
Clàudia García | violaCarlos Torijano | piano
Zhongjin Gorane Ruiz | violaTomàs Pujol | bass and double bass
Llorenç Carbó | celloDavid Domínguez | percussion
Caterina Serrallonga | cello



Carles Benavent | electric bass
Antonio Serrano | harmonica
Rafael de Utrera | cante (flamenco singing)
Marta Robles | flamenco guitar

Joan Albert Amargós | conductor
Santiago Galán, Joan Albert Amargós and David Leiva | arrangements


In the media

«The work created is simply a marvel. In other words, Friday night’s concert at L’Auditori was not just another night of flamenco. It was a night of music. A success that could be a defining moment for the Ciutat Flamenco event, which this year celebrates its 28th edition»

Queralt, Miquel. (2021). Reflections on a magic night. Núvol. 24th October 2021.

«A colourful tribute to the great flamenco guitarist 7 years after his death».

Giralt, Víctor. (2021). Concert in homage to Paco de Lucía. Betevé. 23rd October 2021.

«Worthy of note is the selection of performers chosen from among the top-level students from the Taller de Músics and ESMUC, who contribute all their energy, vitality and talent, all channelled by the veteran Amargós, an outstanding collaborator on several of the guitarist’s projects».

Grau, Xavier (2021). Suite de Lucía: Lesson and Homage. La Flamenca. 29 October 2021.

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