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Tres Piezas

Tres piezas is a music and dance project in which two dancers and a musician coexist in harmony. They use flamenco as a tool to build bridges between three fundamental aspects of a human being: the mind, the body, and the spirit.


(+34) 93 443 43 46

More about Tres Piezas

The show is an invitation to explore the mysteries of the human psyche and the labyrinths of the self. It reminds the audience that we are complex beings, traversed by invisible forces that drive and define us. Dance and music can create a portal to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.

The stage becomes the game board where the three beings free themselves from their bonds and allow their bodies to speak for themselves, expressing the unspeakable and revealing the secrets that lie just beneath the surface. However, in order to achieve this union, it is vital to understand the rules of the game and to respect each player’s turn, for only then will we be able to confront what we think we know and what we have not yet discovered about ourselves.

In Tres Piezas, the artists take the necessary time to understand each other, to give themselves a second chance and to reinvent new formulas that have the power to surprise both themselves and those accompanying them on this journey. Each note, each step, is an opportunity to discover the beauty that lies in the depths of their being.

Karen Lugo | dance
José Maldonado | dance
Juan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’ | guitar

Karen Lugo and José Maldonado | direction and choreography
Joan Gómez ‘Chicuelo’ | original music
Pep Tosar | stage consultant
Belén de la Quintana | costume design
Daniel Gener | lighting design

Photo: Roberto Guglielmi

Más información

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