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Orquestra Taller de Músics & Tete Montoliu

Orquestra Taller de Músics & Tete Montoliu

Publishing Year: 2004
Genre: Clásica

Tete Montoliu (piano), Zé Eduardo (direction and double bass), Ramon Cardo (alto sax), Perico Sambeat (alto sax and soprano), Eladio Reinón (tenor sax), Xavier Figuerola (tenor sax), Juan Francisco Chamorro (baritone sax), Mike Kaupa (trumpet), Juan Manuel Díaz (trumpet), Ramon Quadrada (trumpet), Jordi Rossy (trumpet and drums), Josep Soler (trumpet), Juanjo Arrom (trombone), Joan Ferrer (trombone), Eduard Font (trombone), Josep Tro (trombone), José Luis Gámez (guitar), Jordi Gaspar (electric bass, assistant director), Mario Rossy (double bass), David Xirgu (drums)


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