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Adrià Grandia

Sant Fruitós de Bages, 1981. Member of several grallers groups since 1992, he has carried out research both on music written in the 19th century for this instrument and on its oral tradition. As a hurdy-gurdy player, he has trained with Sebastian Tron, Pascal Lefeuvre, Daniel Frouvelle, Marc Anthony and Valentin Clastier. He has studied modern harmony and arrangements at the Músics del Vendrell school under the guidance of Josep Mª Doménech.


As an interpreter, he is very active in many different fields: folk (Tazzuff), early music (Cor Zongora, Stella Splendens, Ensemble l’Albera), jazz fusion (Electrik Consort with Guillermo Cides and Nan Mercader), contemporary music (Bandaèria, Loop Project with Santi Picó), pop-rock (astrid & Col-lectiu Brossa) and music for poetry (Carboncle with Laia Noguera, Temps de poetes with Francesc Ten) and for stage dance (Sabine Dahrendorf). He has recorded several albums with these groups, as well as the work Divisa as a soloist, performing throughout Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina and Tunisia.

Teacher of Gralla and hurdy-gurdy in various centres: Escola El Tudell de Sant Cugat del Vallès, Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius, Escola Músics del Vendrell, La Xafigà de Muro d’Alcoi (País Valencià) and at the Contemporary Hurdy-Gurdy Meetings in Narón (Galicia).

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