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Alejandro di Costanzo

Alejandro Di Costanzo began studying the piano at the age of 11 in Argentina. He studied Piano and Composition at the Julián Aguirre Conservatory and Jazz Pianist at the Avellaneda School of Popular Music, where he also studied Tango and Argentine Folklore.

Subjects: Piano, Instrumental Ensemble


In 1999 he moved to Barcelona. He obtained the Superior Degree of Music, speciality Piano Jazz in the ESMUC. In addition, he attended seminars with Walter Norris, Chucho Valdés, Kevin Hays and Eli Degibrí. He participated in El Expreso, Mingus Project, Paco Weht Quartet, La Candombera, Alfons Carrascosa and Segundo Cónclave, Ana Luna Quintet, sharing the stage with Vicenç Solsona, Jordi Bonell, Aldo Caviglia, Xavi Figuerola, Ignasi Zamora, Alex Ventura, Marc Ayza, Raynald Colom and Frederic Carlquinst.

As a Tango pianist he has accompanied Marcelo Mercadante and his Quinteto Porteño, Rodrigo Flores, Sandra Rehder and Mayte Caparrós. He currently performs with his own Trio, the Original Jazz Orchestra of the Taller de Músics and with the Quinteto Latípica.

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