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Àlex Ventura

He studied jazz and modern music at the CDMBR (Zeleste) and at the Taller de Músics, where he studies the entire program. During this period, he studied drums with Quim Solé, Marc Miralta and Aldo Caviglia.

Subjects: Drums, Instrumental Ensemble


Parallel to his academic studies, in 1993 he travelled to Cuba to deepen his knowledge of Afro-Cuban music, studying with different local percussionists. That same year he joined the stable band that accompanied the Cuban singer Lucrecia for a period of 10 years. His collaborations are worth mentioning, namely with Paquito d’Rivera, Patato Valdés and Chavela Vargas.

As a performer, he has always combined jazz and latin music playing with different proposals either as a sideman or as a leader. As a sideman he has played with musicians like Lucrecia, Paquito d’Rivera, Patato Valdés, Miguel “Anga” Diaz, Jordi Bonell, Joan Monné, Vicens Solsona, Perico Sambeat, Ramon Escalé and Pep Pérez Cucurella, among others.

As a band leader and composer it is worth mentioning the Latin Soul Band, that plays original music, and currently the salsa band Candela y lo demás, consisting in professional musicians and young musicians trained in latin combo latin at Taller de Músics.

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