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Aljoša Mutic

He graduated from the Higher Studies in Jazz and Modern Saxophone at the ESMUC and in Classical Saxophone at the Higher Music Conservatory of Zagreb (Croatia). Aljoša Mutić has been part of the Barcelona music scene since his arrival in the city in 1991.


He has collaborated in sessions, recordings, TV shows and tours with artists such as Jorge Pardo, Big Mama, Salvador Niebla, Bill Parker, Branford Marsalis, Enrique Morente, Txell Sust, Gorka Benitez, Llibert Fortuny, Raynald Colom, Paul Stouthamer, Raimundo Amador, Julian Vaughn, Groove Unlimited, La Vella Dixieland and Papa Joe’s Rambling Band, among others.

In 1995, and as a result of the commission to compose the soundtrack for the Yugoslavian film Magija, Aljoša Mutić, he entered the world of electronic music, an experience that culminated in the formation of the group Big Black Beat with which, as a producer and composer, he published a total of six albums, with songs that appeared on numerous national and international compilations, from labels such as Blanco y Negro, Night Sun Group, Radio All Stars Paris, etc.

Currently, in addition to working on his own studio projects (Balkan Noise, Aljoša Mutić Trio, etc.), he continues to collaborate with jazz, blues and funky musicians such as Amadeu Casas, Sheila Weaver, Jordi Bonell, Marc Miralta, Clara Luna, Laia Porta, Laia Cagigal, Dave Michel, etc.

Since 1994 he has combined his musical activity with teaching, giving saxophone classes in centres such as the Avinyó Modern Music School in Barcelona, and from 2008 at the Creu Alta Music School in Sabadell.

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