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Ana Rossi

Born in Argentina, Ana Rossi began her musical training there, playing the piano in municipal and provincial schools. She also studied Anthropology and Fine Arts.  In 2000 she moved to Barcelona where she continued her music studies (Aula de Jazz i Música Moderna del Liceu, Escola Municipal de Música de Badalona, Aules, Eòlia) with many private teachers of vocal technique, piano, guitar and percussion.


In the study of singing as an instrument, she has been especially interested in the Voice Craft technique (with Anna Catalá), in which she has embedded her own trajectory combined with other visions. Her musical training has drawn from many genres (Argentinean popular music, Brazilian popular music, music with Latin American and Iberian folkloric roots, tango and milonga) and from different disciplines such as dance. She is currently a member of Coetus (popular music from the Iberian Peninsula), UNA (string and voice quartet dedicated to Latin American popular music), Marcelo Mercadante and his Quinteto Porteño (tango), BREU (popular music and his own compositions), Gafieira Miúda (popular music from Brazil), Ana Rossi and Marta Roma, among others.

SHe also works as a teacher of vocal technique and musical language and has been part of the pedagogical teams of MusicActiva, Eòlia, Blue Train Sabadell, Escola 3set Mataró, Mozartiana Tiana, Batxillerat Granès, Aulaman Arenys de Munt, and courses such as Crisol de Cuerda and Trobades de música Ibérica, among others.

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