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Andrés Jaén

Andrés trained in engineering, audio production and architectural acoustics at SAE Institute Barcelona and La Salle University (Barcelona). He currently teaches as a professor in audio engineering and production, as well as other diplomas at SAE Institute Barcelona.

As a specialist in acoustics, he has worked in the design of several recording studios and different acoustic solutions for various sectors, with notable works such as La Manana Records, Hitmakers Studios, +58 Studios and more recently L’Estudi de L’Apolo, in the Sala Apolo in Barcelona.



He has worked in various positions in the music industry, particularly in recording studios in Barcelona such as Medusa, Koryland, Sol de Sants and Hitmakers; record labels such as Manana Records and Warner Music Spain among others, and for audiovisual production companies such as Fitzcarraldo Films, Atresmedia, LeCuala Films and Playground Magazine.

Regarding the world of live sound, he currently works as the official engineer for the salsa band Tromboranga, with whom he performed more than 50 concerts around the world between 2018 and 2020. He also works as sound engineer for Compota de Manana and TMATNB, with whom he was also the music producer for their latest productions It’s Ok and Cheat Meal. Between 2013 and 2017 he played the role of technical manager at the annual Día de Venezuela festival in Barcelona, working with bands such as Caramelos de Cianuro, Luz Verde and Amigos Invisibles. In 2017 he worked as monitor engineer for the renowned Venezuelan band Desorden Público on their European tour.

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