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Anna Luna

Voice & Songwriting Coordinator

Born in Barcelona, Anna Luna is one of the best known and most recognized Brazilian jazz and music singers at national level. As a singer, guitarist and composer, she began her career at the Conservatory of Sabadell, training in piano and musical language.

Subjects: Voice


She completed her studies of Harmony, Voice, Guitar, Cajon and Flamenco Dance, among other disciplines, with teachers of the stature like Errol Woiski, David Mitchel, Foly Lamas, Johnny Branchizzio, Toni Dicaprio, Andrea Grimaldi, Juan Flores, Gloria Torres, Cisca Mariën and Fernando Bañó.

On an artistic level, she began her professional experience as a singer with the Janio Marti Orchestra (1988-1990) and toured in Spain, France, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Later she was a singer in the Sutton Orchestra and Big Band and also in the Maravella Orchestra. She has collaborated with artists such as Angá Díaz, Jordi Bonell, Pedro Javier González, Roberto Faenzi, Víctor de Diego, David Palau, Xavier Ibáñez, David Simó, Andrea Vanni, Curro Gálvez, Simone La Mida, Massimo Morganti, Carmelo Tartamella, Jaume Vilaseca, Gianni Azzali, Vicenç Solsona, Fabrizio Puglisi, Stefano Senni, Paolo Ghetti, Danilo Pinheiro, Víctor Correa, Enzo Carpentieri and Acelino de Paula, among others. She performs punctually with the Cotton Club Big Band and Antonio Peral’s Big Band AP.

She currently performs with her own group, Anna Luna Lucas Quintet. Her discography includes Alguien (1997), Jazidas Project (2002), Batida Diferente (2003), Spring is Here (2005) and Sketches (2007), for which she was nominated for best album at the Premios de la Música. Anna Luna’s last work was last 2011, with the recording of Femenina, with which she toured Italy and Berlin in 2012 and won the second prize for best album and a second-best female singer (Jazz Station-Los Angeles USA).

As a teacher, she taught voice and vocal technique in the Aula de So de Sant Cugat, in the Ariadna School of Sabadell and in the Musical Studies School of the Taller de Músics. She has also given master classes at the Pompeu Fabra University and in Ímola and Ferrara (Italy). Her speciality is modern vocal technique, working on both jazz and modern music repertoire and Brazilian popular music. She combines her teaching activity with national and international tours.

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