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Antonio Sánchez

He studied Latin percussion at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona and at the Espai Avinyó with Ricardo Hochberger and Enildo Rasua. He continued his training at the Escuela de Música Moderna de Badalona with Ernest Martínez having a more global vision of percussion, and later with maestro Miguel ‘Angá’ Díaz.


The sound research work with the percussion group Tactequeté made him take a very different path between Brazil, Africa, and the Caribbean while feeling the need to make music from nowhere with traditional or recycled instruments.

When he met and worked with Eliseo Parra, he discovered an almost lost paradise of instruments and music from the Iberian Peninsula. With Aleix Tobias leading Coetus – Iberian Percussion Orchestra, the most contemporary tradition is resurfacing.

As a performer, he collaborated with the great master of darbuka Misirli Ahmet (Turkey) and Silvia Pérez Cruz, Maria del Mar Bonet, Miguel Poveda, Chicuelo, Judith Neddermann, Gemma Humet, Eduard Iniesta, Marco Mezquida, the family of Doudou Ndiaye Rose, Hossan Ramzi, Erkan Ogur, Ismail Tunçbilek, Levent Yildirim, Brian Dunnin, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Mercedes Peón, Amancio Prada, Miquel Gil, Marina Rosell and Lluís Llach among others.

He taught at the Escola de Música Moderna de Badalona, Espai Avinyó, the universities of Barcelona, Lleida and Girona, as well as in courses and meetings of Iberian popular music with Coetus and at the Festcat, workshops and courses in schools, campuses, events and festivals. And from next year, he will be giving classes at the Taller de Músics de Barcelona in Iberian percussion.

He has also worked with various theatre companies: La Fura dels Baus, Goc i Magoc, Comediants. And the Classical Theatre Company of Madrid, the Teatre Lliure directed by Lluís Pasqual (together with Carmen Machi and Rosa Maria Sardà) and the National Dance Company directed by Nacho Duato.

He collaborated in the soundtracks of the films El amante bilingüe (Vicente Aranda), Sexo por compasión (Laura Mañá), Arachnid (Jack Sholder), Km. 31 (Rigoberto Castañeda) and Abracadabra (Pablo Berger).

His discography includes recordings by Maria del Mar Bonet, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Eliseo Parra, Lidia Pujol, Joan Isaac, Miquel Gil, Rosa Zaragoza, Marina Rossell, Kepa Junkera (along with Glen Vélez, Andy Narel and Marco Suzano), Alfonso Vilallonga, Los Amaya, Anita Zengeza, Eduard Iniesta, Orquestra Nacional Classica d’Andorra, Orquestra Sinfónica de Baleares, UTROPIC, Coetus, Tactequeté, Misirli Ahmet Perico Sambeat and Jerry González among others.

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