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Clara Gorrias

Clara Gorrias was born in Menorca in 1994. She defines herself as a performer given that she has been interested in all the arts since she was a child, stepping on stages with any excuse. She began studying the transverse flute and dance at the Municipal School of Music and Dance of Ciutadella, and at the age of 13 she began studying singing.


She studied technique Estill Voice Craft I/II with Helen Rowson and combo – jazz improvisation with Pere Arguimbau. She has been doing voice sessions since 2012 in different centres. In 2018 she obtained a degree in jazz singing at ESMUC with teachers like Carme Canela, Joan Monné, Joan Díaz or Lluís Vidal.

She has been a vocalist in different groups: Clara Gorrias Quartet, The Other Side – Pink Floyd Live Experience, Dynamite, Joan Díaz & The 80’s Demolishers, Esmuc Jazz Project, Shadow Sessions, The Gramophone All Stars, Sam Lardner Group, Homenatge a Traginada, Remembering Prince, The Bop Collective XL and Mrs. Glow.

She has been touring for five years throughout the peninsula and in the United States for one month. As a leader, she presented her proposal in jazz festivals and other programs. She also recorded studio vocals for various projects. In 2018 she released La mar fa riure i fa plorar (Aumón, 2018), her first jazz-folk album with Toni Saigi, Andreu Moreno, Òscar Latorre, Gessamí Boada, Nico Mellon and Manel Fortià.

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