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Cris Brugada

The singer Cris Brugada was born into a musical environment, and although she started out playing the violin, she ended up specialising in singing at the Taller de Músics ESEM. During her career, she has participated as lead vocalist and backing vocalist in albums by the Tony Manero Foundation, The Risas and Lágrimas de Sangre.


Subjects: Voice


Cris Brugada’s training is based on gospel, Voice Craft, Functional Voice Training and her own personal research. She has had voice teachers such as Yasmina Azlor, Clara Luna, Núria Cols and Javi Prieto, and theory teachers such as Pep O’Callaghan, Néstor Giménez and Iñaki Marquiegui, among others.

On stage, she started with the band Freak Out, which has given her a great awareness of different styles and the importance of vocal health and comfort. She combines this with show production, which has given her a better understanding of how the music industry works and the factors that need to be taken into account when developing a project and managing teams.

She is currently focusing on her personal electronic pop project, CRISBRU, in which she seeks to transmit a message of strength and sincerity by dealing with taboo subjects in society and opening up about weaknesses that audiences can identify with. To do so, she uses her knowledge of jazz, but also incorporates more modern aspects.

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