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Daniel Ferruz

Hailing from Zaragoza, Daniel Ferruz is a pianist, composer and teacher based in Barcelona. His professional work is in the field of jazz and modern music.



Subjects: Piano


Since 2018 he has led his own quartet, comprising Joan Mas, David Mengual and Adrià Claramunt. He has released two albums: Noctis (Fresh Sound, 2019) and Miradas (Underpool, 2022).

During his professional career he has participated in various projects such as the duo with saxophonist Alberto Enguita (Química, 2022), the Jamaican jazz band Drop Collective (Stormin’, 2018 and Come shine, 2021), Andreu Domènech‘s jazz and roots music quartet (Hirundo Rustica, 2020), Raquel Herreros’ group, which performs musicalisations of poems (Sota l’escorça, 2021), and Alma de Cántaro, a piano and voice duo with Eva Lago and a Latin American repertoire.

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