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Daniel Gómez Sánchez

Research Associate Professor of Composition

Daniel Gómez Sánchez is a composer and holds a PhD in musicology from the Complutense University of Madrid. His doctoral thesis focuses on the singer and composer Rosalía Vila.


Subjects: Collaborator Teacher


He graduated in music from Oxford Brookes University in 2000, and also holds a degree in psychology and a master’s in education from CEU San Pablo University. As a composer and musical director, he has collaborated with leading artists such as Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta. In addition, he co-directed and wrote a song for the musical “The Diary of Anne Frank”, which had its world premiere at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid in 2008.

His thesis, entitled “Rosalía: Cultural exchanges between Rosalía and her creative team”, was directed by Dr Paco Bethencourt Llobet. This thesis approaches the Rosalía phenomenon from an ethnomusicological perspective, as well as including an in-depth analysis of her music and voice. Daniel has identified connections between Rosalía and Enrique Morente in terms of the philosophy of creative freedom, as well as similarities in vocal technique with Sílvia Pérez Cruz. He also highlights the influence of the choir and choral textures, relating them to the work of Enrique Morente, José Miguel Vizcaya Sánchez “Chiqui de la Línea” and Joan Albert Amargós with the Bulgarian Voice Choir “Angelite”.

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