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Gustavo Rocha

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 22nd, 1966. He began his studies at the S.A.D.E.M. school of modern music, taking guitar lessons with Palo Penayo, and attending seminars with Armando Alonso and Alberto Cevasco. He is part of Alejandro Medina’s group Manal, as well as other local groups.

Subjects: Electric Guitar


In 1990 he moved to Barcelona, where he finished his musical studies at the Taller de Músics school.

In the artistic field, he played with several groups such as Smoking Stones, Lluis Coloma Grup, Power On, Orquesta Traffic, Los Sirex, Piper Band, Bony fields, Rosa Robles and Esther Ovejero. Furthermore, he participated in festivals such as Senglar Rock, Barcelona Jazz Festival, Forum de las Culturas, Reus Blues Festival and Gava Jazz Festival, among others. He is currently a guitar teacher at the Taller de Músics de Barcelona.

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