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Joan Torné

Joan Torné Palau (1995) began his music training when he was eight years old joining the Banda Unió Musical de Tarragona, where he learned classical percussion and sol-fa. He was also a member of the children and youth band of the school.  He remained in the school for four years, until he began receiving individual drums lessons from Paco París for three years. After those three years, he started lessons with Kike Colmenar, who became his mentor for the following six years.

In 2013, Joan finished his studies in high school and decided to carry on with his training in the Taller de Músics for three years. During that time, Pablo Posa and Ramon Díaz were his teachers. He joined many instrumental ensembles, where he coincided with teachers such as Raül Reverter, Manel Vega or Juan de Diego, among others. During those years, he also studied Musical Language with Cristina Canet as his teacher and Jazz Techniques and Harmony with Jordi Riera.

In 2016, he entered the Bachelor of Music in the Taller de Músics ESEM where he learned from Jordi Gardeñas as a professor and tutor.


In musical terms, Joan Torne has moved between many different styles and groups such as Ivory (blues/rock), Monique Makon (soul, Cabal Musical project), Jay Lem’on (pop rock), Silvio Alvarez (songwriter), Siföra Kemfai ElFoll (brass band) and The F.E.O.S’ Experience (Dixieland) among others. He has given many concerts around Catalunya and further afieled in places such as Andorra and Dublin (Ireland).

Regarding Jazz, he has participated in various projects such as In’Roots, Miguel Civit Quintet (a final degree project of Taller de Músics), Raval Jazz Trio (with Gloria Torres, member of the teaching staff of Taller de Músics) and other occasional groups.

Referring to his recordings, he recorded two singles with the band Ivory (Triple Trouble, 2013 and Fools, 2015), and the band received awards such as DO Tarragona, Reussona and Torredembarrakes. He also participated on the recording of Monique Makon’s EP.

Joan also took part in projects such as Shake Your Mind (Jay Lem’on, 2017), Home (Amaia Miranda, 2016), Tarragona Jove Big Band (Tribute to Nat King Cole, 2017) and Small Big Band Instr (Ensemble Music Collection under Alfons Carrascosa guidelines), among others. Joan participated as a drummer in the musical soundtrack of the film Estiu 1993, composed by Ernest Pipó. The film was selected by the Spanish academy to participate in the best foreign language film award category.

Joan Torné attended masterclasses and campus where he learned from musicians such as Jorge Rossy, Michael Kanan, Elliot Zigmund, Albert “Tootie” Heath and Ben Street.

He is currently teaching drums and instrumental ensemble in Espai Sènior Taller de Músics and participates in many projects connected to the school.

Actualmente es profesor de batería y combo en el Espai Senior del Taller de Músics y participa en diversos proyectos vinculados con el centro.

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