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Jordi Comas “Peligru”

Born in Vic in 1973, he began his musical studies in this city with the oboe, an instrument that he continues to play at the Conservatori de Terrassa. At the same time, he progressively specialised in Catalan double reed instruments: gralla, shawm, Catalan cleat, dolçaina, tiple and tenora. In 1989, he began a brilliant career as a cobla musician, both as a regular and freelance performer with, among other groups, Lluïsos de Taradell, Tarasca, Sant Jordi Ciutat de Barcelona, Mediterrània, Contemporània, Ciutat de Girona and Flama de Farners.


As a multi-instrumentalist, he has participated in numerous formations and projects: Bitayna, Garlanda, Bitayna, Aramateix, Sindicat, Els Goliards, Ministrils del Camí Ral, performing throughout the Catalan Countries, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, USA and the Spanish State, recording some twenty albums.

Nowadays he is the owner of the groups Sol i Serena, Els Berros de la Cort, Xarop de Canya, Tarasca, Mantuano, Jaume Barri i la Cobla Xica, La Sutra, Xeixicoia, 3Brians, Passaband, Ministrers de Xeremies de Reus, Caladrius, 3Q5, Re-10, Sensafònica i La Fraternité & Biella Nuey, Els Laietans XXL and, as freelancer, in formations such as La Coixinera, Bufalodre, La Principal de la Nit, Titani, Gog i Magog, P2P and Rabassaires.

As a teacher, he has given classes in a long list of music schools: Vic, Manlleu, Ripoll, Santpedor, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Escola Esclat de Manresa…

Currently, after research work on the cane, its structure and techniques, he applies his knowledge to the manufacture of double-bladed canes (PLG), which are already marketed in Shanghai, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, the United States, Spain and Catalonia.

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