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Laura Moral-Bofill

Laura has a PhD in Psychology (UNED Psychology and Health Programme) and works as a psychologist in the promotion of psychological regulation skills. She specialises in areas involving public exposure and high performance, such as the performing arts and music, but also deals with everyday environments where the main interest of the person is to solve specific problems related to regulating their emotions.


Subjects: General Didactics


In its 3rd phase, her doctoral thesis focused on the design and evaluation of an intervention programme aimed at performing musicians. The main objective was the development of self-regulation skills to promote optimal experience and cope with Musical Performance Anxiety with positive results. As a teacher, she is a collaborating lecturer on the Modular Training Programme in Psychology and Music at the UNED.

She also has a degree in Clinical Psychology (UB), a Higher Diploma in Piano (CPMB), a Higher Qualification in Musical Language (CPMB), an International Master’s Degree in the BAPNE method, a method based on cognitive stimulation integrating music and movement through body percussion (Florida University), and an Official Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Methodology of Behavioural Sciences (UAM, UCM, UNED). Parallel to her academic training, she has worked with different body and/or psychological techniques (Cos-Art Method, Yoga and Mindfulness), and has studied dance (within the methodology and evaluation system of the Royal Academy of Dance).

She has worked as a music teacher in different music centres and as a pianist in different educational and musical projects. She has accompanied the singer Mercedes Delclós, performing together at different events, and they have also recorded the works of authors such as Kurt Weill, Benjamin Britten, and Cole Porter, among others.

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