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Luis Alfonso Guerra “Luisito”

Born in Les Tunas (Cuba), he began his musical studies with only seven years old at the school El Cucalambé, and finished them at the school of José Withe, in the city of Camagüey.

Subjects: Percussion, Latin and Flamenco Drums


He began his professional career with Los Surik, with whom he participated in an important tour through Japan. Back in Havana, the group performed at various festivals and television events with the renowned Isaac Delgado or Los Van Van, among others.

In 1994 they toured Spain, sharing the stage with artists like Lucrecia. A year later, they moved permanently to Barcelona, where they collaborated with Bebo Valdés, Tete Montoliu, Vicenç Solsona, etc.

At present, he works in the world of jazz, flamenco and latin. At the same time, he leads, together with Vicenç Solsona, the group Candela a la lata and is a member of the group Lo promiscuo del Son.

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