Projects she has participated, we can highlight Vidal & The Buffled Kings (“Rosebud” 2010), Carolina Chicken (“Music for Dolls” 2012), Al aire (“Ay!” 2020).
Own projects: Marina Vallet Sextet (“Cromomorphos” 2011) and Marina Vallet Quartet (“Cyclic” 2020).
She has collaborated with artists such as Oriol Cors, Quicu Samson, Bartolomeo Barenghi, Paco Weht, Pau Vallet, Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Martí Serra, Clara Sallago, Elena Leon, Marcus Gibert, Pep Mula, Txema Riera, Marco Mezquida, Miguel Serna or Alfred Artigues among others.
She is member of different formations such as Marina Vallet Quartet, Al Aire, Bartolomeo Barenghi & Marina Vallet, Quim Magnet Quartet, Setsfree.
As a teacher, she is currently a professor at the EMMB (Badalona School of Modern Music) and Taller de Músics.