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Miguel Ballester

Miguel Ballester (Barcelona, 1974) started playing the drums in 1993 as a self-taught musician until 1997 when he decided to take lessons. He studied solfege, instrument and combo at the Taller de Músics and flamenco with Juan Flores. He also studied at the Drummers Collective in New York, where he obtained two Certificate Programs (A+B), studying with teachers such as Peter Retzzlaff, Ian Froman, Fred Klatz, Pat Petrillo and Vince Cherico, among others.

Subjects: Drums


Miguel Ballester played with Daniel Higiénico, Angela Brown, Savion Glover, Kenny Neal, Miguel Talavera Power Trio, Carlos Ann, Cesk Freixas, Carlos Chaouen, Lucas Masciano, Lichis, Almasala, Sultans of Swing, Please, Antonio Serrano, Joan Pau Comelles, Thomas Lorenzo, Alejandro Martínez, Paco Cifuentes, Hugo (OT), Juanton, Joan Pau Comelles, Judith’s Secret, La Calle, La Incombustible, Alessio Arena, Pepe Motos, Gorka Benítez, Jordi Bonell, Canibala, White line Fever, Silverteeth, Crawfish, etc. He also co-authored, together with Oriol Bonet, the book of scores for drums of the album La noche eterna/Los días no vividos by Love of Lesbian and created the website, a reference site for drummers all over the country.

His discography includes projects such as Cada vez más flaco (Dani Flaco), La rebelión de los niños con problemas emocionales (Daniel Higiénico), Teoría del caos y de tu boca (Ruben Mata), Tornar d’Amèrica (Bremen), Cantaré (Raul Pulido), Alone Together (Music Arqueology) and House of blues (Miguel Talavera Power Trio). He is currently working with groups such as Bremen, Dani Flaco, Miguel Talavera Power Trio, Lucky Dices and Music Arqueology. Miguel Ballester is also an endorser of Santafedrums drums since 2010 and Impression Cymbals since 2011.

In the teaching field, Miguel Ballester is an active member of SEN (Sabian Education Network) since February 2016. He has been teaching drums since 2000 at the Pilar Villanueva Music School, the Blai Net Municipal School (Sant Boi de Llobregat), the F Cultural Association, the Ateneu de les Arts (Viladecans), the Aula de Música Moderna de Sant Vicenç dels Horts and the Escola Big Band (Viladecans), among others. In addition, he has also given masterclasses on flamenco initiation, master classes in the 7th and 8th edition of the International Seminar on the flamenco cajon and on the writing of scores for drums.


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