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Paula Grande

Self-taught, fearless and mestiza, Paula Grande moves between the registers of jazz, hip hop and Latin and popular music. Fusion is the trait that most characterises her. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to show her music and her art all over the world, winning various international awards on her travels.

Subjects: Collaborator Teacher


Paula Grande has released three solo albums, Viatge Interestel·lar (LRC, 2016), Sóc (U98 Music, 2018) and D.O.’s (Denominación de Orígenes) (U98 Music, 2022). She is currently touring with her latest studio album in which she reflects on her own and others’ designations of origin. She also participates in the Càntut project, with which she recorded the album Vega (Bankrobber, 2020), in collaboration with Anna Ferrer. She has also collaborated with artists such as Girona Jazz Project, Clara Peya and Guadi Galego, among others.

Recently, she founded the Latin music group Las Karamba and is involved with various feminist and social movements.

In the field of teaching, she directs the Cor Feminista de l’Ateneu Coma Cros in Salt and the Cor Feminista de l’Ateneu de la Dona in Banyoles. In addition to teaching, she is the coordinator of the Gender Observatory at the Taller de Músics.

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