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La terra és un tambor

Central Intelligence Jazz Orquestra

Publishing Year: 1997
Genre: Jazz latino

Jürgen Scheele (trumpet and direction), Mathew Simon (trumpet), Benet Palet (trumpet), Eddie Hayes (trumpet), Norman Hogue (trombone), John Dubuclet (trombone), Sergi Vergés (trombone), Alfons Carrascosa (alto sax, soprano and clarinet), Dave Pybus (tenor sax and soprano), Enric Alegre (tenor sax and clarinet), Antonio Peral (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet), Pere Bardagí (violin), Olvido Lanza (violin), Carlos Elmeua (violin), Ulrike Janssen (viola), Paul Stouthamer (cello), Horacio Fumero (bass), Peer Wyboris (drums), Chandra (percussion), Nan Mercader (percussion), Antonio Sánchez (percussion)

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