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<< Go back 13/10/2022

The JAZZ I AM 2023 showcases are an ideal platform for discovering the quality and diversity of styles of the artists on the Spanish jazz scene. A small sample of a universe where jazz coexists and fuses with other genres, such as flamenco, hip hop, electronica, urban music, folk and Latin music.

These 30-minute performances are a showcase for the originality, versatility and uniqueness of Spanish jazz musicians. These are the scheduled showcases: Alba Gil Aceytuno, JF Trio, Hip Horns Brass Collective, Javier Navas Quintet, Los Aurora, Libérica, Martín Meléndez Power Trio, Momi Maiga and Repitlian Mambo. As well as three other proposals from this year’s guest artists: the winning band of the Plataforma Jazz España 2022 Award, Sumrrà, as well as two other bands from the Netherlands: Guy Salamon and Raquel Kurpershoek.

All these artists will perform live on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th March 2023 at Jamboree Jazz.



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