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10 movements for an exhibition

10 Movements for an Exhibition is a poetic project giving voice to a group of diverse women, all of whom are participants in work insertion programmes. Through theatre and dance, they narrate what they are, what they work for, what they fight for. This new dance-theatre and music creation is led by the choreographer Inés Boza, who is in charge of artistic direction, and the free jazz saxophonist Liba Villavecchia, in charge of musical direction. Beatriz Langa, a contemporary dancer and psychologist, and Anna Jarque, a workshop leader in dances from all over the world, have also collaborated on the project.

Over the course of thirty-eight sessions, they worked in a collective process of co-creation in which women were the main protagonists. The aim of this project is to empower women and promote the development of personal capacities and potential through the body, movement and music.

10 movements for an exhibition

Target profiles

The participants are part of a job placement programmes run by the Surt Foundation, a social action organisation that defends women’s economic, social and cultural rights and works for the eradication of gender-based discrimination.

Work process

Over thirty-eight sessions, all of them have worked in a collective process of co-creation in which the women participants have been the main protagonists.

They work on the relationship they have with their bodies and on artistic creation, which are tools for achieving greater self-esteem and confidence and an improvement in personal skills.

The training sessions are held at the Casal de Barri del Raval, where they will lay the foundations for an artistic residency and premiere that will take place at the Santa Mònica arts centre.

Techniques and methodology

A participatory methodology based on the union of dance-theatre and music is to be used.

Inés Boza applies contemporary dance, yoga and dance theatre techniques in the tradition of Pina Baush.

Liba Villavecchia performs melodies with steady pre-recorded rhythms as well as live saxophone rhythms in order for participants to develop an ad hoc language.

Beatriz Langa employs techniques based on the methodological model of empowerment using resources from the “Life Balance” and the “Competence Model” approach, as well as research methodology.

Anna Jarque’s workshops introduce psychomotor techniques, classical dance, contemporary dance (Graham, Limon and Cunnigham), dances from all over the world and yoga, among others.

Crucially, the four entities and teams involved employ a groupwork methodology.

Artistic result

On May 19th, 2023, the participating women presented the results of the project in a performance at the Santa Mònica (Barcelona). They were accompanied by Liba Villavecchia’s trio, with Vasco Trilla on drums and Àlex Reviriego on double bass and electronics.

The project was made possible thanks to the support of the “la Caixa” Foundation, through their Art for Change programme.

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