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Taller Obert

Taller Obert is a project that aims to support social reintegration through a programme of musical activities for training, creation, relationship and empowerment.

We work with adults at the risk of exclusion with skills and a vocation for music, who are coming out of a stage of social assistance and institutional dependence. People share spaces with professional musicians to improve their musical skills and their possibilities of social integration.

Taller Obert is a resource for entities, centres and services in the social field, from where the participants are gathered, and all collaborate in monitoring the project.

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Get to know the Taller Obert


Adults at the risk of exclusion who are in the process of reintegration or social rehabilitation after having received care in a welfare entity, centre or service (prisons, drug treatment residence, reception service for homeless people, reception service for immigrants and refugees, institutional guardianship etc.). They must be people with some kind of musical training and/or experience, and with skills and predisposition for music.


Free weekly space is offered, where collective activities take place:

  • Work on skills and general musical notions.
  • Preparation of repertoire in an instrumental group.

Apart from the regular sessions, other complementary activities are also carried out:

  • Instrument classes.
  • Field trips to musical shows.
  • Visits to rehearsals and productions.
  • Personalised training in different aspects of musical practice and culture.


A unique experience

If you are a musician, student or teacher, you can collaborate with the Taller Obert project. Share your musical skills and contribute towards giving opportunities to musicians without resources.

  • Participate in amusical combo as a supporting musician on Saturday mornings.
  • Give instrument classesto participants who need extra support, in a timetable that suits you.
  • Give or lend and instrumentto participants who do not have their own.
  • Or any other action that comes to mind.

We guarantee a unique experience Your contribution could be very important.

All you need to do is fill in the following form and we will get in contact with you.

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With the support of



Percussion and rhythm for the treatment of drug addiction. A project of musical discovery and expression around rhythm and percussion aimed at people with addictions to toxic substances.

We accompany the participants in an experiential exploration of the different facets of rhythm: rhythmic environment, body percussion, vocal percussion, percussion with objects and instruments. The experience contributes to the treatment process, improves their living conditions and enables alternative forms of relationships and social participation. With the exercise of the sense of rhythm, musicality, psychomotor coordination and creativity, very beneficial social and personal skills are acquired. The initiative is, in turn, practical training for the professionals of the centres, who can apply the resources learned in other contexts and thus reinforce the presence of music in the treatment processes.


The initiative took place in the residential centre of Sant Miquel Maifré (Osor, Girona) of the Font Picant Foundation, under the artistic leadership of Lu Arroyo. The participants decided to summarise the experience in a video that portrayed life at the centre and made its reality known. They wanted to highlight the role of music in their treatment process and the rhythmic underpinning in daily life. They presented the musical activity as a space for relaxation, collaboration and creation.


Creation and exchange of music with inmates. A shared learning and production experience between prison musicians and professional musicians.

We work with the language of the rumba to bring people deprived of their liberty closer to the model of professional music. The participants live the experience of building an artistic project, side by side with reference musicians who participate in the whole process. The equal collaboration with professionals of popular music allows to closely live the example of entrepreneurship and social participation that they represent. The experience constitutes of  a break from the prison routine the inmates, as well as a space of recognition and autonomy, and a source of motivation for social rehabilitation.


The initiative took place in the Quatre Camins penitentiary (La Roca del Vallès, Barcelona), with Peret Reyes and Rafalito Salazar, two veteran exponents of Catalan rumba. The participants chose to record their work on an album that was recorded inside the centre itself, where internal and external musicians collaborated on an equal footing. The songs and versions written by themselves, reflect their desires, passions and tensions, both of the internal life and of a past and future in freedom.

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