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Social Projects

“Everyone has the right to participate freely in the cultural life of the community and to enjoy the arts” Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1945).

The Social Projects Area of the Taller de Músics works to bring musical practice and culture to underprivileged groups and/or those at risk of exclusion. In addition to training, participants gain recognition, social relations, autonomy and motivation to transform their situation and environment.

We want to bring music closer to the sectors of the population that do not have easy access to it, by turning it into a tool for inclusion and empowerment. We do this through social innovation whilst promoting the belief that culture has strong transformative potential. Furthermore, we employ our resources and experience in the fields of musical training, social action and in the cultural industry. The most outstanding musical projects, of those carried out so far, are the three active projects, Taller Obert, Cabal Musical and 10 movements for an exhibition, which enjoy professional support to become artistic proposals with a projection and a path within the sector.

10 movements for an exhibition

Music and dance theatre for women's empowerment

Taller Obert

Music for social reintegration

Cabal Musical

Promoting musical talent in the neighbourhoods

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