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Open call: ‘We Are Equals’ Jazz, Modern Music & AI Academy

<< Go back 18/12/2023

In 2019, the British Council in Spain launched #WeAreEquals Music Academy, an ongoing programme for emerging professionals from the electronic music sector, with the aim of providing them with specialist training and development to help them boost their artistic careers, build networks and prepare them to become future leaders of the sector. In 2023, #WeAreEquals Music Academy expanded towards other musical genres with an edition on Contemporary/Classical music.

In 2024, the British Council are launching a new edition focused on jazz, modern music and AI music technology, in partnership with Taller de Músics and with the support of the British Embassy in Spain. It is open to emerging musicians and composers in Spain interested in acquiring the tools and skills necessary to navigate the current musical industry.

The programme will be divided into two workshops that will take place on 6th March.



Lucy Woolley, Edition Records and Lancaster Jazz Festival (UK)
Ash Doherty, Leeds Jazz Festival (UK)
Kim Macari, Vortex Jazz Club and Arts Council England (UK)
Jill Rodger, Glasgow International Jazz Festival (UK)

This workshop aims to provide emerging musical artists with tools, ideas and professionalisation alternatives to enter the musical industry. Success on stage is not within everyone’s reach and this is why young professionals must search for alternative paths for their creativity and passion for music. In this choral and participative session, four professionals from within the UK music industry will establish a dialogue with participants to share their knowledge, personal experiences and tips. Some of the topics that will be discussed include: the opportunities and challenges that come with releasing music through a record label; market niches, artistic personality, and working on multiple projects at once; cultural gentrification, protest and criminal justice; and the importance of backstage professionals such as administrators, programmers, managers or marketing experts, among others.


Matthew Yee-King
, Computing department at Goldsmiths (UK)
Mark d’Inverno
, research at Goldsmiths (UK)

This workshop offers a unique and interactive experience for musicians interested in AI-music technology. Attendees will delve into the philosophy and design of AI-music systems, exploring how these tools can augment rather than replace human creativity. The workshop emphasises hands-on learning, allowing participants to experiment with AI-music systems and understand their capabilities. It will also encourage participants to contemplate effectively integrating these systems into their creative processes. This event promises a blend of theoretical insight and practical application, making it an enriching experience for those keen on exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and music.​​ At the end of the workshop, there will be a show-and-tell session where you can share your thoughts and experiences with the AI-music systems you have used and even give an opportunity for live performance.




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