Academic calendar 2019-2020

Retakes 2018-2019

  • Examination resits: from 2nd to 3rd of September
  • Publication of grades: 6th of September
  • Grade appeals: 9th of September
  • Appeal decisions: 10th of September

Extended enrolment

  • From 12th to 17th of September:


1st SEMESTER 2019/2020

From 19th of September 2019 to 31st of January 2020


  • Tests: From 20th to 24th of January
  • Combo and instrument auditions: From 27th of January to 31st of January
  • Grades to be submitted by teaching staff: 3rd of February
  • Publication of grades: 4th of February
  • Grade appeals: 5th and 6th of February
  • Appeal decisions: 7th of February

Public holidays

  • 5th of December (chosen by the centre)
  • 11th and 24th of September, 12th of October, 1st of November, 6th of December
  • Christmas Holidays: from 23th of December to 6th January inclusive


2nd SEMESTER 2019/2020

From 10th of February to 12th of June 2019


  • Tests: From 2nd to 5th of June
  • Combo and instrument auditions: From 8th to 12th of June
  • Grades to be submitted by teaching staff: 15th of June
  • Publication of grades: 16th of June
  • Grade appeals: 17th and 18th of June
  • Appeal decisions: 19th of June

Public holidays

  • 14th, 15th and 16th of April (chosen by the centre)
  • 1st of May and 1st of June
  • Easter Week holiday: from 6th to 13th of April inclusive